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The Largest dnb party in america

Jungle Bells originated as a party idea that longtime business partners: MJ Lee and Brandon Platez had all the way back in 1998. As a celebration of Christmas and the genre they both love, Drum n Bass. At the time, MJ was living in a warehouse off of North Avenue, commonly referred to as “MJ’s Warehouse Behind Masquerade”. He was also throwing Underground Raves out of the Warehouse. Where the amphitheater of the Old Fourth Ward Park now stands. So they called up their friend DJ Wednesday, who at the time was one of the biggest local DnB headliners in town, and the first Jungle Bells was born. Right there in that warehouse. Since then, the two lifelong friends and old partners, reconvene every year, to try and continue to set the benchmark of being “The Largest DnB Party In America”, while also fundraising for different local charities around town. Although we’ve missed few years here and there over the past couple of decades, Jungle Bells is now in it’s 24th year of existence. 

To celebrate this fact, we believe we have yet again achieved the mantle of The Largest Drum n Bass Party in America with this year’s edition.

Over the years, Jungle Bells has taken place in a variety of venues all over Atlanta. As we’ve kicked in the doors of some of the most underground warehouses, to some of the most baller clubs and concert venues in the city, to bring in our little piece of the dance music world to all areas of the scene. Jungle Bells has hosted the who’s who of the cutting edge of Drum n Bass artists in each one of those years. Every one from Adam F and Aphrodite, to Chase and Status and Sub:Focus, to Dimension and Metrik, and almost everyone in between. Just to name a few. Going forward, as the genre grows in popularity in America, it’s our hope to be able to someday grow this event into a Multi Day Festival, that celebrates all things Drum n Bass. As we also continue to try and put Atlanta on the map as a Mecca for DnB Music, in America.  We hope you will join us this year on December 17th, as we yet again ring the Bells, for the sound so close to all of hearts: Jungle/Drum n Bass. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be a Junglist, and it’s an experience unlike any other in the land. 

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$ 45.00 USD