Multi award winning Friction is one of the most revered and respected electronic music artists in the world today. Cutting his teeth in the drum & bass UK underground of the early 2000s, Friction’s build from one of the most passionate, most technically skilled DJs into an all-round anthem producing artist has been relentless. Today he co-owns the globally renowned labels Shogun Audio & Elevate Records, and previously hosted the BBC Radio 1’s weekly drum & bass show for 6 years before moving on to concentrate on studio and touring.


Entertainer, technical craftsman, lifelong student of drum & bass, meticulous grafter; A.M.C represents and embodies just what it takes to operate in the DJ premiership in the 2020s.Three-times Best DJ winner in the Drum & Bass Arena Awards 2019-2021, renowned for his razor-sharp, four-deck performances and physical, impassioned mixing style; Alex Mark Calvert has invested every living, breathing moment of his focus, attention and appetite into drum & bass since his teens to become one of the most influential and highly respected artists in his field.


One of the most unique and exciting bass music outfits to emerge in recent times, Koven is the production alias of Writer / Producer Max Rowat and fronted live by Writer / DJ / Vocalist Katie Boyle. Spotted as one of the pioneering artists to back cinematic bass music Koven have been collating millions of online streams as well as a string of high-profile music placements in Film / TV / Advertising and Games.


Setting standards in the industry ever since they first collaborated in 2005, Matrix & Futurebound possess one of the most impressive track records in Drum and Bass history. Boasting four consecutive Top 40 UK tracks with a back catalogue including hits such as ‘All I Know’, ‘Magnetic Eyes’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ and the legendary ‘Control’ – which was awarded silver sales certification in the UK.


Makoto Shimizu, more widely known simply as “Makoto”, is a testament to the international scope and power of electronic music. Born, raised and still based in Tokyo, Makoto was influenced at a young age by a wide variety of music ranging from classical to soul and funk. Makoto was so inspired that he made a life changing decision – to pursue a career in music. His productions were of such quality that they caught the attention of none other than the legendary LTJ Bukem, who went on to sign Makoto to his seminal Good Looking Records imprint in 1999.


Hospital Records’ latest addition to the family hails from across the pond, flying the flag for the US drum & bass family. Producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, composer, music teacher and tea enthusiast Winslow, based out of St. Louis, Missouri, has quickly affirmed himself as 2021’s ‘one to watch’. Winslow’s meticulous attention to detail, strong penchant for forward-thinking melodies, and his unique rhythmic identity have seen him turn plenty of heads over the past year as he gained an early seal of approval from scene tastemakers including Mitekiss, Mr Porter, and London Elektricity.


Based in Brooklyn, NY, T.R.A.C. is carving his own niche and blurring the lines of genre. His combination of hip hop/drum and bass flavors mixed with undeniable soulful lyrical skill has established him in the New York underground landscape, and internationally as a respected vocalist, musician, and emcee.Keeping busy with collaborations with artists like Calibre, RIYA, Atlantic Connection, David Boomah, Dynamite, Conrad, Lenzman and Bladerunner to name a few, this prolific artist continues to deliver the freshest of beats, dance floor rollers, and introspective vocals which light up a crowd!


Like a prismatic audio avalanche ripping down the mountains of Colorado to ears all around the world, kLL sMTH has stayed vigilant in his mission to keep the heart in the bass and the bounce in the booty. Cruising powerfully through gut-wrenching lows to illuminated peaks (and occasionally stopping off in sexy-time), his music paints an inspired portrait of an ecstatic dance-floor.


Electron-C emerged into late 90s dance music culture in Orlando, FL and was first indoctrinated in to Jungle/Drum & Bass in 1997. He is currently based out of the Charlotte, NC area, where he's been pushing events through Queen City Jungle DNB (QCJNGL) and repping Base Industry Records.

dj wednesday

DJ Wednesday's DJing career began in New Jersey in 1985. Originally a hip hop DJ, Wednesday started playing house and garage music in 1988. When the 90s hit, the New York Scene was in full effect. That was when Wednesday was exposed to the New York Rave Scene. The parties that were running at the time were NASA, The Limelight, The Shelter, etc... After many moves around the country he ended up in Southeast where he released his first EP alongside produccer Scott Weiser aka Dynamix. By 1998, Wednesday's name was household in the Southeast. He played a big part in helping to develop the Jungle / Drum n Bass scene in Atlanta and a founding member of Jungle Bells.


Bass music enthusiast Darcy Reenis aka D:RC has been a mainstay of the southeastern US dance music scene since the mid 90s. Over that time span he's rocked many stages and worn several hats as DJ/producer, graphic designer and event promoter. More recently you can find him championing the sounds of liquid and minimal tech DNB on his weekly 'Liquid Lovers Lounge' Twitch stream, and pushing local community events as part of the Torch DNB and Nightshade Family crews.

ninja flash

Ninja Flash is a DJ/Producer Emerging from the Underground EDM scene In Atlanta GA, in 2010. Dj Ninja Flash is known for his Unique Mash-ups, his energetic Trap and Drum & Bass, His ability to Play Dubstep that Challenges and Engages the mind , His mixing ability to bring other Genres easily in to a Mix, Ninja Flash A Dj Ninja Flash show is not just music.. its a musical experience..

Armanni reign

From the lunchroom tables to street corner cyphas… from battle rap to hosting some of the biggest festivals in the world… the MC Armanni Reign has become one of the most versatile multi-genre MC’s on the planet. Since 2004, MC Armanni Reign has become a go to recording voice regardless of genre. He is the tour MC of choice for some of the biggest UK DJs, doing dates with Goldie, Andy C and LTJ Bukem on a regular basis. Armanni Reign has DnB releases currently on RAM, ProgRAM, Gasm, Freak, Intasound, Westbay Music Group, TekDbz accompanied by Dubstep/EDM Trap releases on Monstercat, Disciple, Circus, Play Me, Never Say Die, Rotton, Uplink Audio, Buygore and Firepower as well as Hip Hop projects on SKRONG and Division.